So, this particular organisation is growing rapidly and expanding its highly intelligent workforce. The key to their future success is for the diverse team of people to work collectively and cohesively together to deliver value to their customers, so I was asked to design a workshop that would help each and everyone to take part in developing their way forward together…even the quiet ones! Oh, and it needed to be fun….

As any fully trained facilitator knows, careful planning and design detail are key to the success of a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® session; the hard work in the background is what delivers the end results. Having spent a day on the design and making sure all twenty two Starter Kits and Exploration Kits had exactly the same bricks, giving everyone an equal and level playing field, the session was ready.


For this three hour session we divided the group on to two tables working as two separate teams in the beginning for the skills building challenges, reducing the time it took to share and reflect at this stage, whilst ensuring each and every person understood the concept. This allowed more time when the teams came together for answers to be built shared and reflected upon in the main build challenges – the key questions.




Focusing on the topics of communication, values and behaviours each and everyone involved was able to tell the story of their model to explain what they want to avoid and what is important to themselves in being able to commit to their future development and the development of the organisation, working together to bring about a culture where customer relationships flourish and there is a sense of seeing things through together.


Using a separate area to bring together a shared vision and discussion around the guiding principles needed to reach their goal, there was a flurry of building when questioning of the model helped them to decide upon what elements were missing. Volunteers took turns explaining the shared model to ensure the message was clear and understood by everyone. Post-it notes were used to re-affirm the meanings of the models and images taken of the models and key points written on the whiteboards, providing the tools and actions to move forward in their quest to take responsibility of their future together.

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