It’s the last day of our internship, and it’s time to show you what we have done. Initially, we had so many plans and ideas. But soon we realised we lacked time to do everything, so we decided to stick to mainly improving the website. All the Skype interviews and comments below blog posts gave us pretty good ideas on what was needed to change to make the site more user-friendly.

What was done

We made the site’s overall look more put together; added buttons for easy access to different parts of the site; made a pop-up login, so after login, you can stay on the same page; rewrote the main pages, they are now structured and easier to read/understand and simplified the forum.

While we made the changes on a test site and imported them over some of the structures are incorrect right now. So there might be some time before everything is the right way.

Our internship here is over, and we just wanted to share some information about it. Both of us find that the overall experience will be beneficial for us in the future. We spend five days on learning about the method. We played each day about 7-8 hours.  So after each day, we were quite exhausted. And let me tell you, we were definitely not prepared to be filmed and talk about our Lego structures, both of us had pretty big stage fright.

We got access to post and make changes on social media and the website. Neither of us had any experience in WordPress or managing a community on any platform. So we needed to learn that. And it was frustrating and fun and maddening but awesome all the same time.

It’s not that the second week was any less work. We needed to start having Skype interviews what meant that we needed to schedule a different appointment. Scheduling them in different time zones was quite challenging, but we handled it and got to hear different opinions and stories, which helped us build our new website.

But let’s talk about the site. We didn’t know how to create or design a website. Programming is a foreign word for us. It was all through experiment and fails. But we are proud of what we accomplished in two weeks. And I guess we can say, we now know a teeny tiny bit of designing and if given a million years, we can come out with something great!

We are both thrilled we were both chosen for this Academy and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Thanks for tolerating us for 4 weeks.

Head aega!


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