On our fifth day of the Academy, we peeked into psychology. First, we took an online personality test called MBTI (The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator). It is a questionnaire that helps an individual gain insight about how they prefer to work and learn. The test has 16 different personality types that are represented in four letter combinations. The outcome of the tests was pretty interesting and we had rather fascinating and in depth discussion about the topic.

It is beneficial to know what personality types are on your team that way the coordination of the team will go smoother. It is actually best if there is a different set of types in your group. The more types are represented in your group, the better you are able to assign the right person to the corresponding task.

After that, we looked deeper into Johari window. It is basically like four rooms.

  • 1. Open Room – your public self (you know, they know)
  • 2. Hidden Room – your hidden self (you know, they don’t)
  • 3. Blind Room – your blind spots (you don’t know, they know)
  • 4. Unknown Room – unconscious self (you don’t know, they don’t know)

We started with building our own Open and Hidden rooms. Then we built our perception of our teammates to reveal possible Blind rooms for each other and after that, we presented these rooms to each other. We can say that we felt quite revealed at first, but later more connected to each other.

The method is used because it helps people to better understand themselves and how they present themselves to others. The goal is to create trust between team members and help achieve better communication. We can say that it works!

Au revoir!



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