• It’s the last day of our internship, and it’s time to show you what we have done. Initially, we had so many plans and ideas. But soon we realised we lacked time to do everything, so we decided to stick to mai

  • Remember, we had some Skype calls with fellow community members? The interviews were conducted with 6 people and lasted average 1,5 h. There were so many good ideas and discussions that we just didn’t have the

  • Hi!

    We like this idea very much, and we will definitely consider it.

    All the best


    This blog post is about what we have done so far regarding the community AND we have included our humble offer to you as well.

    First and most importantly, we have had Skype interviews with our community


    There is some catching up to do. Yesterday we created our vision of the changes we would like to make for this community. Our primary goal is to make this website user-friendly. We also will be having Skype

  • On our fifth day of the Academy, we peeked into psychology. First, we took an online personality test called MBTI (The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator). It is a questionnaire that helps an individual gain insight a

  • Today started with a little competition between us. We tried to build the highest tower and later turn it into a bridge. The bridge had to be strong enough to hold a phone and wide enough to fit a notebook