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All kinds of companies are finding use in using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, and this can be attributed to scope and accessibility of the process.

What Companies Use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®?

LEGO Serious Play has been used by all sorts of companies, including:

  • IKEA
  • Samsung
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Hitachi Electronics Services
  • University of Southampton
  • Hakuhodo, Inc.

Each one had their own problem they wanted solving, each one had something they wanted to achieve. Each found a solution in their own way using the LEGO Serious Play method. Each benefitted massively from the malleability that LEGO Serious Play has to offer. Each has revolutionised the way they do things.

What LSP allows for is a complete autonomy in coming up with responses to problems. It forces every single member of the team to contribute to the overall solution instead of having 80% of the room sitting back and going to sleep.

Since LSP is a methodology, rather than a specific problem solving technique for any one type of problem, it is incredibly adaptable. LEGO Serious Play can be adopted in most problem solving situations to ensure high-level quality responses.

Unlocking Opportunities Faster

LSP ensures that everyone takes part, something the above companies understand, and thus allows for a better informed solution to problems.

No matter the company, no matter the solution, it is rare that LSP does not bring a valid solution to the table. It allows all of those around a table to express their opinions, ensures that they are listened to, and allows for ideas to be linked together creating vast landscapes of solutions. Every idea can be explored, every option made clear, and every result and resolution examined in full.

These problems can be anything, and the solutions can be equally diverse. Everyone contributes, everyone gets involved, and everyone benefits. It is that simple.

Diversity in Solutions

The adaptability of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® means, as it can be seen by the above list, the concept can be applied to nearly any company for nearly any concept. There are guidelines about whether LSP is the right process for you, by following the below suggestions. LEGO Serious Play is ideal for:

  • Generating new solutions to complex challenges
  • Uniting a team around a common goal
  • Building deeper and broader understanding of a challenge or strategy
  • Preparing a team to deliver a solution in a complex, unpredictable environment

The above companies found that LSP could help them. If you also believe that LEGO Serious Play could benefit your team, or have any more questions, please feel contact us.


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