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Three months ago I stumbled upon a question which needed an answer: Could Lego be used for business strategy development? I just had to go to London to find out the answer.

With a group of 12 I spent the full weekend.. building Lego! When was the last time I did that? (hint: some 30 years ago..). The real interesting part is of course the stories we tell about the models. Each time we do, the team moves closer towards a shared understanding and also generate new insights. That’s cool!

Below: Team members walking through our shared model.

Walking Trough LEGO SERIOUS PLAY models

and again..

Walking Trough LEGO SERIOUS PLAY models 2

A dark ghost just passing through..


There are so many ways to express yourself..


I’m really looking forward trying out Lego Serious Play in real situations. A more fun and challenging way to develop:

  • Business strategies (incl. anchoring)
  • Project retrospectives
  • Conference takeaway’s
  • Development of future vision
  • Grasping the current situation in a management team

Of course, good facilitation matters a lot to get the most out a creative exercise. During our workshop we walked through both good moments (when our group worked well) and some challenging moments (it was hard play). A good experience to see both situations. Using lego to express yourself produces very interesting dynamics, since everybody in the room has the same means of expression.

Rediscovering old Lego skills, it feels good to say Crisp has it’s first Lego Serious Play facilitator.


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