1. Luis Aguirre 9 years ago

    Hola Wiro

    Just a couple of questions: what percentage of participants was a doctor / nurse ?, how health workers felt when playing with LSP?

    Congratulations on your work, a greeting from Guadalajara, Mexico.

  2. Author
    Wiro Kuipers 9 years ago

    Hi Luis, this session I did with about 15 people, about one third representatives form the local government, a third from education and a third from health care. Their common experience was that this session really revealed them the complexity of this issue, and it fueled their will to reduce this complexity and fix this system, that appears to be broken. Hope that answers your question. Thanks for your congratulations and buenos dias! Wiro

  3. Luis Aguirre 9 years ago

    Thanks Wiro.

    I agree with you, I think that the complexity of these relationships (and building solutions) is the key to the success of the workshop

    Greetings from Mexico!

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