This workshop took place at IACCM-SIETAR Austria-CEMS conference, devoted to contemporary approaches in training and education for cross-cultural competence at Vienna University of Economics and Business. IMG_393412034392_914751428574551_8278330066346974874_o

Business companies, education institutions and communities continue facing the international development challenges, resulting from absence of cultural awareness and corresponding skills. The gap between academic ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’ in real life is not covered either.

10420013_920318181351209_5535880320922460966_nWhat are the methods that would support the cultural awareness and develop the skills?

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as an alternative facilitation method can close the gap between ‘knowing’ and actual performance. The method with 100% participation principle is enormously inclusive.

wiennaIt combines the team building with hands-on communication and collaboration skills development, which are essential and quite specific for diverse teams. Therefore the method is highly effective for the diverse students’ and business teams.


We used an hour to focus on individual values and challenges and start a shared landscape discussion. One of the participants commented:  “If it would be without bricks, I would have never shared so much”. The method proved to work successfully in-the-field.  The ‘theory’ was left to further individual reflection over the culture landscape models including diverse voices and values.

Corporate/organizational culture negotiation process is important for the team unity. Achieving the detailed understanding of common values and careful handling of individual interpretations is essential for taking ethical team decisions in IMG_3914future.

We were three teams of academics, business trainers and education specialists. All of us are working with cross-cultural theme, diverse teams and diverse student communities. Initially 12 people signed up, but with the bricks on the table the workshop started as two tables of 12; the next day an additional workshop took place.


We are to develop the theme of values and organizational culture in future as the method can provide effective training solutions for multinational companies, international organizations and diverse student communities.

Tatiana Gavrilova


  1. PARAG GADHIA 9 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. Is it possible for you to provide the details of the workshop. How you went about it, challenges faced, any speciifc insights and dos and donts which will be helpful.

    Can drop an email to me on

  2. Tatiana Gavrilova 9 years ago

    Dear Parag,

    Thank you for the comment,
    – I come back with more details on the workshop and my reflections by email this afternoon,

    Lets keep in touch in this community,

    Have a nice day and all the best,

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