The Training Centre of one of the largest Italian insurance companies sought the cooperation of TQ for designing and delivering a training day aimed at sixty administrative inspectors of the Group. The session was in the context of a three-day updating and briefing exercises for administrative inspectors in view of their transition to the role of internal auditors. How to engage the participants in an effective and active way? Once again, the right answer has been: Lego Serious Play.



After a first day with a plenary session facilitated by company’s top management, TQ involved participants in teams facilitated with the Lego Serious Play. The administrative inspectors were asked to construct models representing their role and the personal ambitions and fears related to the ongoing change processes. The result materialized a series of business landscapes – on several tables with teams working in parallels – that provided an immediate and significant visual synthesis of the change process as understood by participants.

The third working day offered an opportunity for an intense exchange on each group’s work. Every work table was given the chance to provide a presentation of their own business landscape. The presentation was attended by managers and generated an intense discussion. This process prompted a lively debate, both horizontal (among participants of different groups) and vertical (between participants and managers). Managers were able to collect useful suggestions for further work and for the organization of future initiatives aimed at internal auditors.

A final presentation of the results, carried out by Trivioquadrivio in plenary session, provided a commentary on the work done and served an initial reporting purpose. Finally, a voluminous report consisting of words and images was produced immediately after the end of the workshop and distributed to all the participants.


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