Cloud Strategy Lego

Cloud Strategy Lego

The ongoing construction of LEGO models stimulate otherwise inactive parts of the brain which boosts creativity. The result is a great teamwork and reduced meeting times. The team leaves the full day workshop with extra portions of energy (unlike brain-sucking Marathon meetings). The process creates consensus among participants and seamlessly guides the team to work out the details of the strategy in one go, together. Everybody’s perspective is considered – there’s no such thing as a silent or loud LEGO player, everyone constructs. It might still feel crazy to play LEGO in the boardroom. If the promises above are true, would you try it at work?

I’ve recently conducted a workshop with a small group of young entrepreneurs who already got established businesses, a relatively large customer and user base. They came to meet me and ask my advice on their SaaS business strategy to grow and scale. The answers were already in their minds and LEGO helped them surface. This particular exercise consisted of building their ideal customers, themselves and relations, dynamics between from LEGO. It’s amazing to re-discover from time to time that every little brick and figure has a meaning in a LEGO model and these meanings come from the builder’s unconscious mind as metaphors. Asking open-ended questions about the model they constructed, these young entrepreneurs discovered several opportunities to differentiate their businesses from the competition, further innovate their business model, discover new customer groups and understand where to focus their attention to achieve all these great things.

Here’s a feedback from the workshop:

“I joined David in Bucharest for a workshop on which we had little information about. We knew it was about Cloud only. He created for us an amazing experience on how to look at our business. For a couple of hours we played and we had incredible fun, and David observed and asked questions that helped us better understand where we are, where we should be, and what actions could we take. Through games he gave us a different perspective on our Value Proposition and positioning. However, what I am not sure David knows, is he gave us a fun way and an incredible tool to play with, to shape not only our business perspectives but personal ones as well. Thank you! It was one of the best business training moments I experienced lately, and ‘building worlds’ together was surely fun and insightful”

Originally from: Cloud Strategy Blog


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