Lego Serious Play & Business Model Canvas from Jan PeetersJan Peeters has created an interesting presentation that he uploaded to SlideShare on using the Business Model Canvas as the template to build the business case using the Lego Serious Play methodology.

It would be great if Jan could post here some comments or reflections of the session as it would be interesting to find out about the context and result of this engaging event. :-)

  1. Jan Peeters 11 years ago

    We got the opportunity to organise a pilot for Flanders DC (District of Creativity) a government sponsored organization. They organise sessions for organisations to promote the BMC for innovation purposes. The session was a big success, specifically because a number of the 27 participants( approx. 100 subscriptions!!)had no knowledge of BMC. Olivier Treinen and I facilitated the tables. The enthusiasm of the participants was very stimulating. Since then we got a number of referrals from different angles.

  2. Massimo Mercuri 11 years ago

    I just finished a 3-day playshop with a small team from 7 different nationalities who never worked before together, and 5 of them did not have knowledge of the BMC. I have to say the LSP method proved to be very powerful, and some came out really surprised by the quality of the outcome.
    Still, I feel I can improve the Flow and I would like to discuss with someone who is also applying the BMC.
    I will be in the LSP 3 day event in Billund. If anyone here who is currently working with LSP for BMC is also in the event in April, would be nice if we can have an informal conversation …. ?

  3. Per Kristiansen 11 years ago

    Those of you who were in Billund (LSP community meeting) last year will perhaps also rememebe Rory O’Connor presenation, here is a link to his blog about the LSP and Bizz Model Canvas that we ran

    You will find a link to part 2 at the end of the text

  4. Eli De Friend 11 years ago

    Hi Massimo,
    Apart from the Scurri case that Per mentioned, you may have noticed that Wiro Kuipers will be presenting a session on the same subject on Monday afternoon. For the last couple of years, I have run a business modelling session at the EPFL in Lausanne using BMC as one of the frameworks, as well as some Lean Canvas terminology used in the Scurri case.

    Last year, Prof. Yves Pigneur, co-author of “Business Model Generation” and the Business Model Canvas, was a participant for the whole session. Faculty and researchers from three separate academic institutions (from Switzerland and Luxembourg) explored the business case for a research collaboration project in tangible business modelling with augmented reality, using LSP as an example of the sorts of methods they were interested in researching. Subsequently we even contacted The LEGO Foundation to see if they would be interested in supporting the research project.
    This year, Yves dropped in as an observer to see how other teams were doing.
    I very much look forward to discussing LSP-powered business modelling with you and Wiro on Sunday or Monday.
    Best regards,

  5. Eli De Friend 11 years ago

    Here’s what Yves had to say about last year’s session:

  6. Massimo Mercuri 11 years ago


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