What’s up with the duck?

Stephen Walling, Denise Meyerson, and I wrote a book called What the Duck, and it’s now in our hands!

We wrote this book because, along the way, we discovered how powerful these 6 small LEGO® bricks truly are. We also wanted to share the many ways you can use them within the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology tool kit.









LEGO® created the duck kit for a few applications and for a long time, people were only using these bricks in a couple ways.  So we asked ourselves, “What are all the possibilities?” Like magic, we generated many ideas in our brainstorming sessions. We then shared these ideas at two unconferences: Play4Agile in Ontario, Canada, September 2015; and again at the first LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® meeting for facilitators The Unconference in California, USA, November 2015. The ideas continued to grow and we documented, photographed, and created a book. We are now ready to share it at our trainings and in our workshops!

Interested?  We will post the info on how you can get your copy soon…

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