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    Giovanni Pérez

    Hi Richard

    Well…this is actually my field, the main reason i took the course as LSP facilitator was to apply it to urban planning, urban design and formulation of urban public policies.

    The key question it´s “¿whats the goal or objective to achieve?”, ¿they want to do an urban or strategic plan?, a public policy?, ¿they want to share and validate a project or policy to community or stakeholders?, in every answer as you know the use of LSP will change.

    I Design a couple of tools and workshops you could find useful, the “Urban Land Policies Canvas” and a workshop to build “territorial identity” (Central or present identity, desired or future identity, threats to build the future identity and “ideas” or solutions to arrive to the future identity scenario.

    I actually facilitate three of these “territorial identity” workshops last month, two in Colombia and one here in Argentina.

    My mail is i´ll be really glad to talk with you, help you if you wanted and to share with you my toughts and tools too, count on me.



    Giovanni Pérez

    Hi Manuel

    I think you got in hands a huge opportunity to design, prototype and test new tools and workshops.

    Also think that the basic question is “whats the goal or the objective this client want to achieve?”, this is a key factor and i think that you could probably run a LSP standard workshop qith your client to build and validate agreements with your clients about their goals”.

    There´s something i don´t understand.

    ¿it´s the same workshop for different groups? or
    ¿different workshops with the same group?

    In the first case it´s a huge logistic challenge in the second, it´s more a design challenge. In this case i see you could think in the hole conference as a huge divergence/convergence exercise, in this case maybe you could use “a journey” as a central idea, and maybe design not just one but several canvas that finally “converge” on a big one.

    Good luck with this great beautiful project, i hope this ideas could be useful for you, sorry for not putting them in order.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)