• Hi Richard

    Well…this is actually my field, the main reason i took the course as LSP facilitator was to apply it to urban planning, urban design and formulation of urban public policies.

    The key question it´s “¿whats the goal or objective to achieve?”, ¿they want to do an urban or strategic plan?, a public policy?, ¿they want to share and val…[Read more]

  • Hi Manuel

    I think you got in hands a huge opportunity to design, prototype and test new tools and workshops.

    Also think that the basic question is “whats the goal or the objective this client want to achieve?”, this is a key factor and i think that you could probably run a LSP standard workshop qith your client to build and validate agreements…[Read more]

  • Hi Mark, it´s funny but i think something similar a few days ago co facilitating and event with a Graphic Facilitator”, we we´re trying to identify problems and solutions about the educative system in Argentina n

  • Giovanni Pérez posted an update 7 years ago

    @admin Hi Marko, i´m a Colombian LSP facilitator actually living in Argentina, i read with great interest your last post about the use of “innovation cards”, of course they´re not available here but i think i´ll try to buy soon both sets of cards, the BMI and the Doblin cards, or at least im gonna try. Besides this i´m actually asking my sel…[Read more]

  • Hola @Luisbeto.Aguirre encontré tu respuesta a éste foro “LSP and Urban Planning Process”, soy facilitador LSP y trabajo en temas de planificación y ordenamiento, podemos entrar en contacto?, saludos!

    • Giovanni, un gusto.
      Tengo la poca costumbre de revisar mis mensajes por aquí, colaboro en LTU (www.ltugdl.com) despacho de arquitectura y urbanismo de Guadalajara (México).
      Espero podamos tener comunicación por aquí, un saludo.