Full Day 150 People Problem Solving Workshop- Ideas needed

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    Manuel Grassler

    Hey there,

    I have been asked to create a concept for a potential client.
    Every year they host an internal strategy conference of 2 days with approx. 150 attendees from their global organization.

    This year they want to use Day2 for several parallel Problem Solving Workshops using the LSP method.

    Does anyone have experience with this kind of setup?

    I facilitated many 60-250 Workshops but usually as a teaser and network experience for 1-2 hrs max.

    This is something different, something where exploration bags alone (material wise) won‘t be enough. So logistics in itself are a big part of this (at least in my current thinking). Or do you have different experiences/perspectives?

    Currently I am thinking about splitting the groups into 15-30 tables and training people from the client upfront to be a good table host as well as bringing some fellow LSP practitioners along.

    The idea is to facilitate some generic problem solving challenges which fit to nearly every problem out there! So no contextualized challenges specific to one problem on the table.
    Additionally I would design some sort of canvas to help them capture the insights generated with the Lego models as well as documenting the solutions on the table. I am still in an early stage of conceptualizing but want to get a grasp of whats possible.

    Which experience do you have with these kind of settings? Flow-wise, material-wise, pitfalls, tips and tricks?
    Would be very thankful for and good advice!

    If you are in the Austrian area please reach out as well! I might need on site support!

    Best Manuel

    Giovanni Pérez

    Hi Manuel

    I think you got in hands a huge opportunity to design, prototype and test new tools and workshops.

    Also think that the basic question is “whats the goal or the objective this client want to achieve?”, this is a key factor and i think that you could probably run a LSP standard workshop qith your client to build and validate agreements with your clients about their goals”.

    There´s something i don´t understand.

    ¿it´s the same workshop for different groups? or
    ¿different workshops with the same group?

    In the first case it´s a huge logistic challenge in the second, it´s more a design challenge. In this case i see you could think in the hole conference as a huge divergence/convergence exercise, in this case maybe you could use “a journey” as a central idea, and maybe design not just one but several canvas that finally “converge” on a big one.

    Good luck with this great beautiful project, i hope this ideas could be useful for you, sorry for not putting them in order.



    Manuel – I have some experience of this kind of session… do call if you’d like a thought buddy on it – and I think Giovanni is spot on. Start with super clear objectives. – best Sean

    Jaka Oman

    Hi Manuel,

    My name is Jaka Oman from Slovenia. The community of LSP facilitators in Slovenia is now more then 20. I personally facilitated more then 40 workshops in many formats (2h till 1.5 day, 1:1 to 100+ participants). Mainly I work with a few colleagues who also have quite a few bricks available (3 x Landscape&Identity + Connections kit, 40+ starter kits …). From Ljubljana there is only a 4 hour drive to Vienna everything else is even closer.

    If you need some help, please do not hesitate to contact me at jaka@resna-igra.si or call me 0038631346939.

    Maybe we can work something out.

    Manuel Grassler

    Hey all,

    Thanks for your replies.
    I totally agree with all of you. Clear objectives are key in that regard. Well I am not quite there yet as right now I just had a phone call with an event agency who want to present to the client the approach. So right now I personally believe that they want to work LSP as an experience factor and have no clue right now of how and why it would be beneficial to use LSP in that regard.

    So I am still in the clarification but wanted to ask the community (thanks again for your replies and personal emails) if experience is there and to get a sparring if it is feasible. I do not want to promise something based on a lack of information. I especially like the idea to use LSP for clarification of the objectives. I will reach out again as soon as I have more information and also first concrete ideas on how to approach this.

    Best Manuel


    I see many experience LSP facilitator who have conducted workshop for 100+ participants.

    I would like your inputs on the Team Building workshop of 3.5 hrs which I need to conduct for almost 100 employees of an organization. Its an annual event and they want Team Bonding and fun.

    Can you please guide me on this.
    What might have work for you, what might have not work for you in past.

    What are some of the essential factors I need to take care.
    Parag Gadhia

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