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    Catherine Ryan

    Great thinking! I’d like to join as well

    Catherine Ryan

    Hi Camila

    I’ve used LSP for a number of different purposes for UX – Design Thinking, group facilitation and research (1 on 1 interviews mainly).
    The key is really asking the right question and following the process – question, build, share, reflect.
    The goal from my perspective is to first understand the problem you’re trying to solve (therefore asking the question around the problem) and then ideating possible solutions to that problem – rooted in customer insights.
    In terms of facilitating a focus group – the group you’re talking about seems to have the shared goal of communicating information clearly. It sounds like you already have an understanding of the pain points of customers, so therefore you could frame the challenge in these could work quite well: “Given the customer pain point of X, build a model about how we could best address this…” or similar.
    In my experience, 3 hours should be enough to generate ideas that you could then synthesise into the product design. Creating a shared model may take longer but you could do a landscaping exercise with the individual models to see how the ideas tell the overall story.
    I think if you come up with a problem statement for the workshop and keep that as the focus (always refer back to), the challenges you pose should align to that, and the ideas therefore should too. e.g. “In order to reduce complaints (vision) we will solve customer’s problem with lack of clarity (pain point) by giving them an easy to understand invoice (solution)“ or “How might we help customers understand x more clearly”
    I hope that helps and just sharing my experience of what has worked for me in the past.


    Catherine Ryan

    I’d love to participate. This would be super beneficial for me getting people “to the (virtual) table”.
    I’m in!

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