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Catherine Ryan

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In the ye olde times of the year 2000, Catherine embarked on a mission to rid the world of unusable things. Since then, she has created experiences that are not only useful, but provide real value to real people.
Catherine loves to observe (yes- she’s a stalker) and possesses deep expertise in workshop facilitation and research. Her favorite thing is taking her findings and creating a strategy to enable a valuable human experience.
Catherine is quite the rare breed – creative, but also analytical. She believes in a logical and lateral approach, using a variety of tools and techniques to provide a bespoke strategic outcome.
Catherine is an excellent communicator and facilitator. Through her extensive experience she uses a variety of of tools and techniques (including a LEGO Serious Play certification) to engage and enable organisations and teams towards their goals.
With extensive experience in managing multidisciplinary teams across a variety of environments and a Prince2 Certification to add to her belt, Catherine has lead and inspired many a team to join her on her mission.
Catherine strives to innovate – while still remaining firmly grounded in research, passionate about the creation of experiences that are not only useful, but meaningful.
Catherine is a warrior to be reckoned with – a problem solver, decision maker, driven, focused and thrives on a challenge.
When she grows up, Catherine wants to be an all-powerful Choice Architect in Service Design and is currently fueling her mind with the ammunition she requires.

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1302/1 Grandstand Parade, Zetland, NSW 2013, Australia



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LEGO Serious Play Facilitator Certification
Robert Rasmussen, Boston USA, June 2013