LSP in virtual scenarios

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    Avatar Catherine Ryan

    I’d love to participate. This would be super beneficial for me getting people “to the (virtual) table”.
    I’m in!

    Avatar @SeanBlair

    Hi Omar
    I’d like to participate too. Brilliant idea!


    hi Omar, delighted to be part of it, from Buenos Aires.

    Many thanks for sharing your idea,

    Avatar Massimo Mercuri

    It works in a one-to-one via Skype or Lync, I have done a few but not too long because you cannot maintain the attention of the player directly, you rely on being inside a box :) It must be quick and high level, not too deep.

    I am waiting for the opportunity to have a small group via the corporate videoconference … with the big screen and HD video camera I hope to be able to interact better


    Hey MAssimo,

    Nice to hear about it. Very useful insight. Thank you for sharing it.



    Hello Everyone,

    I did a doddle with my availability. You need to check if some of my availability fits your schedule.

    PLEASE: in “your name” box when you book a meeting put your email address also (Ex: Name(, I need to coordinate with you the setup.

    Here is the link:

    Note: THIS POOL WILL BE CLOSED on May 29th (I need to setup my calendar for June, so I can’t wait until the last day slot to close it.)

    Take care,

    Avatar Marko Rillo

    Omar – what time zone you have in mind in your Doodle poll? :)


    Good point Marko. In theory, handles that based on your configuration.

    For example, The first slot available is May 29th from 7:30AM-8:30AM (EST time). You should see that slot in your time zone. Let me know if that is not the case.



    Hello again,

    Thanks Marko for flagging the time-zone concern. I thought that doodle handled the Timezone by default, but it was not the case, and it didn’t allow me to change that option in the already existing poll. Due to this, I delete the that poll, and I created a new one with the right support for the time zone.

    Here is the link with Timezone support:

    @Gabriel, I added your reservation to the new poll (nothing to do for you)

    Thanks, and my apologies for this issue.

    Note: THIS POOL WILL BE CLOSED on May 29th (I need to setup my calendar for June, so I can’t wait until the last day slot to close it.)

    Take care,

    Avatar Manuel Grassler

    Hi Omar,

    I’d like to participate too, unfortunately I am not available on any of the dates due to my vacation. You still need participants after the 14th of June? Then I will have some time!

    Cheers Manuel

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