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    Omar Cesar BERMUDEZ

    Hello, I would like to see if somebody is interested in trying something with LSP. I am not sure if really new or somebody has already tested it and it didn’t work; however, I didn’t hear anything about it. So I would like to do a few tests and validate what I have in mind.
    Are you curious? Did I get your attention? great!

    I know for sure that if I bring LSP in virtual scenarios, I will lose some powerful qualities of LSP, however, I think that if we have some conditions in those scenarios, LSP could be very powerful also. So far, that is my hypothesis. And I want to try it.

    But I need some help. Let me list what I need for the first try:

    Individual work (1-to-1 setup)
    In a serious situation. A work situation or personal situation.
    Remote person must have access to 2 or 3 exploration bags
    Ready to try it, give feedback, fail (yes, it could fail), tweak, and try again (1 or 2 times).
    Skype and a decent internet connection (no hotel internet, at least my experience with hotel internet is bad)
    Availability of 30/60min

    If this works as I am expecting, I would like to try few things with teams, so don’t be shy and show your interest.

    If you are interested, please send me a message by private or leave a message here and I will contact you.

    NOTE: if somebody of you has some experience with those kind of experiments, please share it.



    Hey Omar,

    you’ll never know until you’ve tried it! Right? So are you trying to create a virtual LSP? I could see it with one-to-one but as the group gets bigger, it may become somewhat of challenge. I’d be willing to test it with you.


    Manuel Grassler

    Hmm, never thought about that but it seems interesting!
    I see similar difficulties as Gabril with larger groups but he, lets give it a try!
    I am in!

    Marcos Cedillo

    Hello Omar, I am willing to participate!

    Marko Rillo

    Sounds fun! I’ve done this before in a small group and would be happy to join and share the experience. Skype gets laggy with a larger group, hence it might be a better idea to use Webex or alternatives

    Per Kristiansen

    I have a bit of experience with this, and know of some experiences done previously by the LEGO Group. There are certainly some challenges in creating 100/100. Calendar permitting, I would be happy to participate

    Omar Cesar BERMUDEZ

    Thanks for the answers, let’s try to do something next week. I will contact some of you in private to schedule a 1-to-1 LSP session. :)

    For those just reading it, please continue showing your interest, like that I can do more tests :)

    Stay tuned,

    Jeff Tagle

    hello! I’m interested too. I just need to assemble 3 exploration bags from my brick inventory.


    Hi Omar, I think is a great idea. I am in. Thanks. Hector

    Bruce Scharlau


    assuming/hoping the timezone works ok for me, then I’m in. I’d like to try this out too. Thanks for proposing the idea.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 21 total)
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