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    Camila Borja

    Add me too please ;)

    Camila Borja

    Hi Ine, thanks for the response! I think this discussion is very rich.
    Thinking in a practical scenario; I have recently worked on a qualitative UX project regarding invoice interface. The design team (a telephone company here in Brazil) wanted to develop a new invoice (paper) because the number of complaints regarding lack of information clarity was very high.
    In short, I moderated a few focus groups where all the participants were clients of this company, therefor they have had the experience of using the invoice and interpreting the information. So the first part of the discussion was to point out their difficulties, and after this we prompt them with other types of invoices so they would have enough visual aid to show us what was more appealing/friendly.
    On that note, if I were to use LSP on this project I would consider:​
    – Perhaps a 3 hour limit would be ideal. It is higher then a typical focus group, but then again I would rather not risk the outcome quality (not knowing very much about the participants, and them not knowing each other is a challenge itself. Squeezing the the timeframe too much is not something I’m comfortable with). Here in Brazil it is common to pay an “incentive”, so that value would increase because of the timeframe;
    – ​They do not have a common purpose, granted. But they would have something in common right off the bat (all have the same phone company). I definitely agree with limit of 7 participants;
    – Maybe 2 individual building exercise and 1 shared model in the given timeframe would be ideal.
    What do you think?

    Camila Borja

    Hi Jesus, thanks for the details!
    Do you mind telling us how long did the session last?
    Thanks again,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)