LSP for personal/couples work?

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    I’d like to know if anyone in the community has had the opportunity to use LSP on a personal level or for couples work. The context is the following: my wife is a Life Coach who helps individuals as well as couples with their personal lives. Seeing the potential of LSP as a great problem solving and communication tool, my wife thought immediately if it could be applied in her environment.



    Jesus Salas

    Hi Gabriel.

    I’m a Life coach and I had many sessions using Lego tools and it was very useful and very concrete.

    1. Explain them how it works.
    2. Skills building a)tower b)explain this. 2 min each
    3. Personal identity. Real time, brutal honest and focused on the impact the problem is influencing to him/her. Place the model on the left side of the table. the problem or situations. It has to be separated, then you explain that the person is not the problem, so they can dissociate (usually it helps). Place the model on the left side of the table, next to the personal I’d, (next but not together)
    5. Build how the coachee see itself once the situation is solved, or the objective was achieved. This is th personal ID in a future. Place it on the right side of the table.
    6. There should be an empty space on the middle of the table. That space will be filled with this last step. The coachee has to build at least 3 ideas of actions of how to get from present personal ID to future ID (that just create on last step).

    The coach has to check that this ideas are realistic and the coachee wants to put it in action etc. there is where most life coaching work has to be done, asking the coachee which of the personal ID like the most, present or future? Does it worth the effort to get there? What could stops you to get there? Etc.

    There are many way to use Lego tools for life coaching. It would be interesting to talk more about.

    My e mail

    Hope you find this helpful.

    Sorry about my English, I know is not perfect.

    Cheers from Mexico.


    Hi Jesus,

    muchísimas gracias. I’ll send you an email.


    Camila Borja

    Hi Jesus, thanks for the details!
    Do you mind telling us how long did the session last?
    Thanks again,

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