LSP workshop with 19 participants

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    Avatar Michel Cloosterman 

    Hi Greet,
    You’re welcome. I’m sure you will succeed. Have fun, play well. Hartelijke groet, Michel

    Avatar Sebastian 

    The assistants guidelines came from Robert Rasmussen. I also made up some picture slides on the instructions to distribute to assistant facilitators.
    Send me an email to and Ill reply them to you
    BTW agree with Wiro.. If only addressing the offering side of the Biz model csnvas ie the value proposition,customers, key activities,etc you should be fine for time. Its the supply chain and money blocks that take up time and a lot of debate

    Avatar Luc Cipers 

    Hello Greet,

    A very interesting topic; I’m having a similar assignment coming up with a 14 p European management team that needs to start working better together.

    If you want an extra facilitator, I might be able to help you out (could be a learning opportunity for the both of us). I have my offices in Mechelen, by the way.

    PS I’ve send you a LinkedIn invite to connect.

    Avatar Greet Maeyaert 

    @Luc, thanks for your post. As I’ll have four assistants available during the workshop, there is no need for an extra facilitator. But thanks anyway!

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