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    Michael Fearne

    Sorry that last post was a little more direct than I intended. Danger of belting out a post on your way out the door at 5pm!

    Anyway what I was trying to say (somewhat ineloquently) was that in client interactions I’ve found the best thing to do is get them building and experiencing LSP.

    That’s the evidence you and they are looking for. A client forming their own judgement on whether the method will work for them in their situation.

    By doing lots of LSP (even mini sessions) you get the added benefit of improving your skills in it and building up a portfolio of examples. “I used it with this client, for this reason and got these results”. More great evidence for future potential clients.

    You’ll also get more confident talking about the method as well.

    With the client having first hand experience of the method, hearing your recent examples and your confidence they’re more likely to say yes.

    And it starts to create this virtuous cycle where more people say yes, which gives you more examples and more confidence, which leads to more people saying yes.

    You just have to kick start that cycle. And that can be hard. I had to do free sessions for a while and now it still takes effort to keep that cycle going. But the rewards are immense when you see how well the method works and the results the clients get.

Viewing 11 post (of 11 total)
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