• Brilliant Johan! Thanks for reminding us of the deep and diverse theoretical roots of LSP.
    Our time at the Imagination Lab in Lausanne was always memorable and remarkable — thank you for your patience with a simple American as we brought LSP into the world.
    It is astonishing to me that LSP started as *strictly* a 3-day “Real Time Strategy” works…[Read more]

  • Well said, Thierry. This guy is not mature enough to play seriously.
    When we first started putting LEGO Serious Play into the market in 2001, it became clear that LSP was NOT for everybody in every organization.
    Facilitating LSP workshops with 7500 people since 2001 proves out 100% of the time “you learn more about a person in an hour of play…[Read more]

  • A friend just tweeted this at me:

    Lego’s Official ARKit App Brings Bricks To Life

    Could there be remote/virtual LSP possible with something like this?
    Is this relevant or simply interesting?
    Jody Lentz

  • Arjan: I’ve tried this a few times, but the range of solutions does not include one that truly engages all participants, and often feels forced. I typically lead a more conventional de-brief about common threads and themes that emerge during the stories; comparing individual models of “how we are today” to group models of “us at our best” reveals…[Read more]

  • hey Luca: it’s true – that specific line does not appear in The Republic, or in any of Plato’s other writings. Despite that, I have continued to use it in my workshop introductions, with the modifier of ”
    attributed to Plato.”
    A Google search reveals thousands of mis-attributions, including from prestigious academic journals.
    That does not make…[Read more]

  • Thank you, Dieter: very inspiring.
    I am working on a series like this here in my pro-Trump state (Tennessee) from my pro-Hillary city (Nashville), and the current challenge has nothing to do with LSP. Getting the right mix of people there is difficult, with a lot of mistrust on all sides. Working through churches looks promising, but also misses…[Read more]

  • hello Elaina:
    I have facilitated LSP workshops for over 6000 people since 2000, including large groups of top leadership and pharma companies. “Think With Your Hands” — http://www.thinkwithyourhands.com?lbdis my typical 3-hour workshop in a setting like you describe. I am based in Nashville, and about the same flight distance as Gabriel.

    Please…[Read more]

  • Jody Lentz posted a new activity comment 10 years, 1 month ago

    The Think With Your Hands workshop was designed to be a 3-hour experience, based on seeing groups get a lot out of the smaller format:
    http://www.thinkwithyourhands.com .

    but in one hour, there are more impactful LEGO interventions (not really LSP) – the innovation ducks are always a winner; and I have heard great reviews of Per’s presentations at the…[Read more]

    • Hi Jody
      Would be grateful if you would allow sharing your video and possibly more info about the think with your hands content
      thank you

  • According to Per’s January posts, the Landscape Kit is now available – building your own seems like a LOT of extra work…

  • Jody Lentz replied to the forum topic workshop on change in the group Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Fans 12 years ago

    Eli: that is a terrific design.
    Carlos: are there limitations on time?
    what other logistical constraints do you have?
    Sounds like the biggest challenge will be the *personal* SGPs you describe as “key” –

  • Hello Eli: Sounds like a tremendous experiment — I’m happy to be a guinea-pig if you need a control group :-) . In the small world of LSP, your partner Joyce picked me up at the Lausanne train station on my first LSP trip to Europe way back in January 2001, so I am well

  • Hello: I have participated in and facilitated LSP sessions with over 4,000 people since 2000, when I was introduced to it by its co-creator, Bart Victor. An internet-company incubator I co-founded was a beta-test for Real-Time Strategy, as it was moving from research project to product. When the incubator burst with the rest of the