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Combine shared models

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     Arjan Passenier MSc 


    I recently facilitated a workshop whereby the group was divided into two big workshops (approx. 60 persons per workshop). I decided to divide the two groups into five tables of 12 persons.

    Every table created a shared model whereby they gave their impression on process improvement with LEAN within their company. So in the end I had five shared models per workshop… and with two workshops I ended up with ten shared models!

    This client was very happy with the result… but I would like to know of there is a way to combine these ten shared models into one big shared model?

    I have been thinking about this a lot, but I haven’t found a perfect solution yet. Maybe one of you van help me?

    Thanks in advance,

     Jody Lentz 

    Arjan: I’ve tried this a few times, but the range of solutions does not include one that truly engages all participants, and often feels forced. I typically lead a more conventional de-brief about common threads and themes that emerge during the stories; comparing individual models of “how we are today” to group models of “us at our best” reveals the gap, and often leads to the focus areas for future development/improvement.
    Play well!

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