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    Please add me –

    Thanks in advance.. see you there

     Ben Mizen 

    I forgot to add that my email is

     Eli De Friend 

    Hi Sabin,
    Thanks for your response. I can definitely see how such a tool would be useful for virtual teams collaborating on the same project. Perhaps the Slack Channel could be used for anyone wanting to develop the seriousplaypro web site and as you say newly trained facilitators who want to keep the buzz going or ask their trainer for clarification on something they missed. For the most part, I am unaware of other types of collaboration happening within our community and on the rare occasions that I have had the pleasure to work with others, most of the communication usually needs to be asynchronous, because we all have our businesses and other projects to get on with and are not just focussing on one project or client.
    Still, I can understand that it is useful to have this as another channel of communication for members of this community.
    All the best,


    Please add me –

     idan levin 

    I would like to follow the LSP slack channel. Thanks.


    Hi folks! Please count me in to the Slack Channel!


     Christoph Köpernick 

    Would you mind adding me to the slack channel as well?

    Thanks so much

     lindsay keith 
     Jody Lentz 
    Thanks, Marko!

     Miriam Elst 

    Awesome! Love Slack!
    Add me please :-)


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