Jessica Low Chooi Sun organizes the following 1-day LEGO SERIOUS PLAY training events in Malaysia

Think With Your Hands Workshop Using Lego Serious Play Methodology


In today’s DNA, teams and organizations are required to look into various strategies in achieving the business goals and objectives. It requires more than just the normal way of doing things. It requires staff to understand more in-depth on how customer’s accessibilities in obtaining information, the up and coming generations, formulating the ‘right’ strategies in maintaining long term relationship with the customers and many others.

Teams and organizations using LEGO Serious Play methodology are able to achieve more in less time and at the same time, they go both deeper and broader into matters that they are working through and strategizing on.

LEGO® Serious Play® methodology is a facilitated meeting, communication and problem solving method, where participants are led through a series of questions, which go deeper and deeper. Participants will build their own 3D LEGO models in response to the facilitator’s questions using the LEGO bricks provided. It will then be used as the platform for group discussion, knowledge sharing, problem solving and decision-making.

LEGO Serious Play methodology is effective when used to:

  • Make decisions that everyone commits to and honors after the meeting, even though he/she does not agree 100% with everything
  • Make sure there are no excuses or lack of initiative after the meeting because participants feel they were not heard nor involved in the decision or process
  • Give all participants a common understanding and frame of reference that will impact their work together after the meeting


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understanding the different types of imagination and the power of imagination
  • Understanding the power of subconscious mind of an individual
  • Recognize that creative thinking is essential within a problem-solving cycle


Managers and executives or any individuals at any level of an organization who want to apply imagination and critical thinking skills to their creative problem-solution process.


LEGO Serious Play methodology.

Contents of the course


Background Of LSP And The Power Of Imagination
Developing Creative / Subconscious Mind – The Right Brain Business Development
Use Of Metaphor


The 3 Types Of Imaginations
Definition & Benefit Of Thinking Creatively
Personal Thinking And Presentation Style And The Styles Of Others
Analyzing The Characteristics Of Creative People/Organization

Jessica is a trained LEGO Serious Play methodology facilitator by Rasmussen Consulting Denmark. She brings along with her more than 10 years of real life experience in the corporate industry working as an executive (rank and file) to the management team of an organisation. Her experiences range from various industries such as electrical, publishing and education. Her clientele includes MNCs, GLCs and government offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Corporate clients that have benefitted from her specialisation include Axiata Group of companies, Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Tourism Malaysia, MOE, Genting Group and others. Her range of training topics include team alignment, customer service, change management, cultural awareness, mindset change, creative thinking, problem solving and many others.


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