Today I received the new book Strategic Play – The Creative Facilitator’s Guide Volume #1 Activities that Engage by our community members Jacqueline Lloyd Smith and Denise Meyerson.

This is yet another great addition to your library about LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and I would certainly not like to provide here the spoilers, but just a quick overview on what is included if you are still contemplating on whether to buy it or not.  The book consists of 5 chapters:

  1. Strategically Add Play and Watch the Lights Go On
  2. Setting the Stage for Engagement
  3. Add Movement – Sitting is the New Smoking
  4. Great Closings
  5. Good Things to Know

The book kicks off with Five-Step Essential Process that is used by facilitators in their work with groups and thereafter it focuses on a number of different applications to make your facilitation session a success.

In the 2nd chapter it lists a long list of practicalities: handling invitations, setting a scene, agreeing upon ground rules, dealing with guest speakers to your facilitation sessions and making sure that your group will collaborate nicely. It lists altogether 18 different types of activity that you can pick from to make your facilitation session a success.

The 3rd chapter focuses 12 activity examples to make your sessions more dynamic and lively (e.g. group doodling, treasure hunt, or various fun contests). 4th chapter adds 16 activity ideas to wrap up your session (e.g. guiding principles, summarizing important in three words) and the 5th and final chapter lists a list of reminders that you might want to keep in mind for your sessions.

All in all – fun and useful quick read as well as handy reference to keep available. Well done, Jacquie and Denise for sharing your knowledge with the community!

If you want to buy your copy then you may do so via Amazon: Strategic Play: The Creative Facilitator’s Guide.

Marko Rillo with Strategic Play book

Marko Rillo with Strategic Play book

  1. Jeff Tagle 9 years ago

    wrapping up reading in a bit. a good addition to any facilitator’s toolbox!

  2. Denise Meyerson 9 years ago

    Thanks Marco for the great summary! We look forward to engaging with other community members to gain new insights and ideas! Please ask questions if you would like more clarity on how to design or deliver any of the activities.

  3. Arjan Passenier MSc 9 years ago

    Great book, easy to read and great ideas to use!

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