As designers take on more complex challenges of creating digital experiences spanning multiple touchpoints, from smartwatches to TVs, Patrizia Bertini (@Legoviews) asks how the structure and methods of design teams must evolve. This hour long session sees Patrizia simultaneously conduct a Lego Serious Play workshop while explaining how its techniques could help design teams better understand user behaviour and translate that knowledge into more effective digital experiences.

Recorded at MEX, March 2015 (

  1. Massimo Mercuri 9 years ago

    Excellent … Patrizia strikes again!

  2. Author
    Patrizia Bertini 9 years ago

    Thank You Massimo :)

  3. Patrice Lerouge 9 years ago

    good job, congratulations !

  4. Gabriel 9 years ago

    Great workshop Patrizia!

  5. Fabrizio Faraco 9 years ago

    Learning everyday from you Patrizia

  6. Riccardo Zuccaro 9 years ago

    Great Patrizia!! Thank you for the video.

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