An online survey is now available for all facilitators to submit to their workshop participants, both past and present. It is hosted on one of the better free survey sites (


In 2008, the team within LEGO responsible for managing the LSP partners was very interested in each facilitator sending out a satisfcation survey to all participants of LSP workshops that he or she had facilitated. The motivation behind this suggestion and the logisitics for implementing such a survey were unclear and it never came to light.

Since we started the Seriousplaypro community in 2010, there have been regular comments from members that it would be great to have a more general idea of how participants appreciate the LSP workshops they attend and to what extent they have been able to achieve their objectives. Usually, these comments or requests come from facilitators who are apprehensive about their own business development approach and would like to refer to previous successful workshops elsewhere with satisfied clients.

Last April, in Billund, at the Seriousplaypro community meeting, we had a breakout session on how the output of a LSP session is captured. A variety of answers and ideas came out, ranging from keeping the constructed models, through photo documentation and flipcharts to participants retaining the salient ideas in their heads.

Case studies can give detailed information about specific contexts. In recent months, we have seen more case studies published on the seriousplaypro web site. If you have a case study that you are proud of or that you think others could learn from, please feel free to submit it. Most likely, it will be promoted to the home page of the web site to give it more visibility.

However case studies do not necessarily present the extent or the breadth of applicability of the LSP methodology or the variety of professions that the methodology can support.


So I have developed a generic online survey that you can all use to send to your participants. The more respondents we get, the more valid the data that is collected. I will retain control of the survey and once we have received a significant number of responses, I will start to publish some of the general findings.

If the respondent requests a specific facilitator to contact them, I will try to use the facilitator database on this web site. Failing that, I will pass on the coordinates to Per and Robert, who presumably have their own records of the facilitators they have trained. If the facilitator mentioned by the respondent has never been heard of, I will forward the respondent’s contact details to other facilitators located in that person’s region.

To access the survey, simply click on the following link, which will open a new window.

It should take about 10 minutes to complete. The survey session times out after 1 hour.

Please feel free to include the link in your own email with your own company logo, etc.

Warmest regards,


  1. Massimo Mercuri 11 years ago

    I really like the idea and I am going to use it, if I may … the only thing is that some people may not like to write their name and prefer to stay anonymous.
    Anyhow, let’s use it

  2. Massimo Mercuri 11 years ago

    tried with a small group, none of them finished it. First they want it anonymous, second it’s too long … Let’s talk, I think I can help

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