In June, members of the Strategic Play team toured behind the scenes with three imaginers at Disney in California.  This was an amazing day as we were guided through art studios, 3D model development areas, archives, libraries, and 3D sound studios.  You may have a hard time imagining this but a freestanding, free moving dinosaur signed his name on a photo as a keepsake for us.

We saw the original artwork – an illustration drawn for the purposes of getting bank funding to open the park in the early 1950s.  The artwork is interesting as it represents the first drawing that captured Walt’s imagination and put the concept into a visual, allowing for storytelling and eventually the funding.

But the highlight was having lunch with Tony Baxter and his imagineers.  They told us fantastic stories about their creative processes, funny stories about hits and misses and accidents that turned into great rides.  We heard about Johnny Depp riding on the Pirates of the Caribbean over and over again to watch the pirates.  So if you ever wonder why in the movies “Jack” seems to have an animated quality, it’s because the imagineers at Disney indirectly influenced the actor.

The imagineers, curious about everything, were also keenly interested in hearing about our work: 3D visual thinking tools, such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ , Service Design, and visual business planning.They wanted to know how we use these tools for organizational and talent development.

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