Strategic Play® Group Ltd. Utilized LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ with the Canadian RSA

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On March 7, 2012, Canadian Fellows of the Royal Society for the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA) and Friends of the Society met in Vancouver to discuss the strategic direction for the group going forward. The evening was kindly sponsored by University Canada West. “It was a splendid evening that sparked a great deal of solid, forward-looking discussion from everyone,” …

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and Business Models – Part 2

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Rory has now posted his second blog on how we used LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to develop a business model (using the canvas as the structure). It is as well written and informative as the first, I warmly recommend it You can read it here In my last post of this two part series I explain why we wanted to build …

Serious Play Library

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We have introduced a separate page about some books that would be interesting to read to current and future LSP facilitators. You are welcome to comment and add your suggestions of what you have read at this page:

Redesigned Website

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Our Serious Play Pro community website celebrates its 2nd birthday. Starting up as a small website for a few enthusiasts a year ago the average number of daily unique visits to the website was just 10-30 hits. In the past 3-4 months we have reached the average of 50-60 daily hits. Since the beginning of 2012 there have already …

LSP-Powered Stakeholder Consultation Workshop on Energy Efficiency Policy in Indonesia

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Case study: Using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in a multi-cultural, multi-lateral stakeholder engagement context GIZ/PAKLIM and DANIDA/EINCOPS are development cooperation programmes respectively funded by the German and Danish governments, supporting the Indonesian government in its efforts to address issues related to climate change, particularly through improving energy efficiency, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Many institutions in Indonesia are also involved in mitigating climate change effects. Apart …

TED Talk on Role of Introverts in Groupwork

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Over the last 50 years we indeed have gained much new knowledge about how we as humans develop and learn best. From new understandings of multiple forms of intelligence, various learning styles and how our different kinds of personalities work and collaborate. And where Lego Serious Play shows its distinct qualities and ability to embrace these. I recently ran a educational …