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    Martin van Dijken

    Sounds good, did the conflict in your case already escalate into an argument? I have to defuse the situation I think, your solution seems to help. I think I will need to talk to the both first, so that I can dig deeper into what the situation really is. Having them build their perceptions and insights on the situation might help indeed.

    Martin van Dijken

    Hi hugues,

    Please check with Michel Cloosterman. He had a presentation on this topic during the LSP summit last year. Should be able to help you out!



    Martin van Dijken

    Hi all, getting together using email and this forum isn’t really working all that well. To improve, I have opened up a Meetup site, please join that:

    I believe in the power of communities and that the only way this can become a success is if we’re in it together from the start. To this extent I opened a first meetup without a date and without a location, but with a clear personal intent: let’s set goals for the Meetup group together and let’s organize ourselves using volunteering. I’d like to find another experienced facilitator (> 10 workshops run) and prepare our initial get-together with him/her. Any volunteers for that?

    Furthermore, I’d like to run this first session in 2-3 weeks. A bit hesitant about the date, let’s discuss that on the meetup group.

    Excited about your replies! Let’s do this!

    Martin van Dijken

    Ok, Date and Time. Please reply with your vote upon:

    • 5 May 20:00
    • 8 May 20:00

    Place: I’d suggest Utrecht as a get-together location, seems central enough.

    Who’s available those 2 dates?

    Can you please private message me your email address?

    Martin van Dijken

    Hey Erwin, Massimo,

    Would like to exchange thoughts on this matter. Some questions we should answer:

    • What do we want to achieve with this Meetup?
    • Who will put in the effort of organizing the meetup site?
    • Who will facilitate the meetups?
    • Where shall we host the meetups?
    • What shall we put in as topics?

    Some of the later questions strongly depend on the the first question, so let me answer what I would like to achieve:

    • PR for facilitation by an LSP facilitator (e.g. me ;-) )
    • Help newer facilitators find a place to practice
    • Work together with other facilitators to increase each others’ superpowers ;-)

    What do you guys feel about the above? Any answers to the other questions already? Can we do a Skype session together? Can we get together and discuss this?

    Martin van Dijken

    I’m not 100% certain it’s resolved, but I simply put this receipt into my tax deduction forms and tried it. I’ll know in a year from now whether it was accepted ;-)

    I think it should be ok, it looks a lot like a Dutch invoice, has the right VAT % etc. Should be fine…


    Martin van Dijken

    Ah, 1 question sort of answered. I just received an invoice from Lego Denmark. The strange thing is that the invoice is in Dutch, with the Dutch VAT percentage (21%, DK apparently has 25%) and the bank that is listed is a Dutch bank.

    Getting more and more confused :-)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)