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    Hugues Leininger

    I am currently working on a programm to coach and develop start up companies with a regional business accelerator.
    Does anyone have any experience with coaching and development of start up with LSP other than business modeling? I am interested in exchanging information and tips on this matter.
    Thank you in advance

    Eli De Friend

    Hi Hugues,
    Frequently, start-ups have a product and haven’t yet grown up the organisational structure around them.
    I would imagine that some standard Identity and Strategy work would be worthwhile in such situations.
    Best regards,

    Walter Vannini

    Hi Hugues,
    I have been involved as an LSP facilitator with startups a few times.

    Business modelling is of course a major issue, but in my experience so is product definition. Beyond the obvious agreement on superficial aspects, team members tend to have even wildly differing notions as to the hows and whys of the product.

    This usually remains hidden underground until it surfaces as a development issue.

    LSP is of great help in building a shared understanding of core product aspects.

    Also, team relationship issues tend to pop up early when tackled through LSP.

    The usual startupper approach is “we are a group of peers” until it transpires that somebody specific needs to be held accountable for something. And somebody must actually deal in person with financiers. etc.

    All things being equal, building a shared understanding of how and why the organisation seeks money is what makes the difference between a bunch of guys with an idea and an actual investor-worthy startup. IT people, in particular, have specific difficulties you have to deal with. I know, one of my cards reads “post-autistic-IT therapist”

    I also have used the Agile Canvas together with LSP for the business model part.

    Let me know if there is something I can do to help.
    Cheers, Walter

    Hugues Leininger

    Hi Eli, Hi Walter
    Thank you for your helpfull feedbacks
    Warm regards Hugues

    Martin van Dijken

    Hi hugues,

    Please check with Michel Cloosterman. He had a presentation on this topic during the LSP summit last year. Should be able to help you out!




    Beside what Eli’s wrote, I also make “matchmaking” events. Startups can meet, practice 1minute pitch, share problems…etc.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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