• Wall Street Journal run an article: “Why More Companies Are Putting Lego Bricks in the Office” in their recent issue. In this article, Daryl Austin wrote about how LEGO bricks help companies with creativity,

  • Jaap de Goede has written a witty article about his experience with LEGO Serious Play workshop on the website of SAGANET – the Serious Games Professionals Network in the Netherlands. He describes the experience

  • WMAR-2 News in Baltimore has reported about how Loretta Veney has helped her mother with LEGO Serious Play and is expanding its use for other patients with dementia.

    Here is the full link to the original news

  • Vasilis Gkogkidis (University of Sussex) and Nicholas Dacre (University of Southampton; University of Warwick) wrote a research paper about Lego Serious Play and gamification teaching and learning in the most

  • Pau Sendra-Ponsa, Norat Roig-Tiernob and Alicia Mas-Turc from University of Valencia wrote this short research paper on this subject above. The abstract of the paper (pdf) may be downloaded using the link

  • Jorge Huertas has recently recorded and shared this short video about the use of LEGO Serious Play methodology in design thinking process. Audio is a slightly difficult to follow because English language does not

  • Angela Koch and Darwin Antipolo have delivered a lovely webinar on LEGO Serious Play and co-creation. See the full recording here:

  • Marko Rillo wrote a new post 4 years ago

    Many thanks to Mireia Montané-Balagué, Professor at the EADA Business School in Barcelona who translated the book Serious Work to Spanish language. Serious Work book is now available in three languages via A

  • Marko Rillo replied to the topic Slack Channel in the forum Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Pro Forum 4 years ago

    The latest active invite link for Slack channel is here: https://join.slack.com/t/seriousplaypro/shared_invite/zt-6i2wwhoz-XzaHMSFnZIkK7mxfT5sgSw

  • Presentation at the LSP Connect event on 23 June 2020 on the future scenario building

    Either download the slides directly here (PDF, 5MB). Or view them via Slideshare.net:

  • If you wish to ask any questions about LEGO Serious Play methodology then the fastest ways are to either register here at the SeriousPlayPro.com/register and post your question in the discussion forum or enter

  • Mary Poffenroth wrote this article at Forbes today suggesting LEGO Serious Play for virtual meetings

    Sure, in-person offices are mostly on hold right now, but that doesn’t mean we all get to take a break on b

  • Sean Blair just published his second book on facilitating with LEGO Serious Play, which is targeted towards somewhat more experienced facilitators. The title of the book is: Mastering the LEGO Serious Play

  • Johan Roos and Victor Nilsson have just published a survey based academic article that is probably of interest to many LEGO Serious Play facililitators because they recently got in touch with many of us asking

  • Hello Madalina. What do you mean by “masterclass”? I understand based on your profile that you have already attended a LSP facilitator training session in March 2018. Would you like to refresh your knowledge, learn some particular aspects of the LSP or work with somebody more experienced? Anyway – I would be also happy to invite you to one of my…[Read more]

  • Chrissi Nerantzi and Alison James wrote this booklet on “LEGO® for university learning: Inspiring academic practice in higher education”

    This booklet is available as an open source guidebook that you can

  • Marko Rillo wrote a new post 5 years ago

    This very useful material was prepared by Lorenzo Cantoni, Marco Faré and Elisabetta Frick of Università della Svizzera italiana (University of Lugano, Switzerland) in May 2011 and it was uploaded to the w

  • Dan Lyons has held a critical speech on LEGO Serious Play methodology at RSA event: “Why Modern Work Makes Us Miserable | Dan Lyons | RSA Replay”. The talk starts at 12:55

  • We are a public library system of 450 employees at 20 locations spread out over a large county. We have an annual staff day (this year on October 14th) from 8 am to 4 pm where employees can come together to

  • How to increase your success in finding new LEGO Serious Play clients? How to improve your chance in winning proposals?

    In this blog post you will learn how to spell out your unique sales proposition in just

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