• Dear Christian
    I calculate the time that 1 person requires, then multiply by the total at the table, so a 1 minute presentation, I would allow 12 minutes for this exercise session. As a result, with a room of 23 people, the time will have been reduced by 50%. With tables of 6 people, the time would then be 6 minutes.
    Hope this helps, don not…[Read more]

  • Hi Christian !
    I have facilitated LSP sessions with 30 + people, on my own, dividing the group into tables that vary between 6 and 8.Additionally, I use hourglasses to time and make sure I manage time closely.
    the introductory exercises are essential, then each team regroup and works together, and once they have defined their perspectives on the…[Read more]

  • Wall Street Journal run an article: “Why More Companies Are Putting Lego Bricks in the Office” in their recent issue. In this article, Daryl Austin wrote about how LEGO bricks help companies with creativity,

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    Jaap de Goede has written a witty article about his experience with LEGO Serious Play workshop on the website of SAGANET – the Serious Games Professionals Network in the Netherlands. He describes the experience

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    WMAR-2 News in Baltimore has reported about how Loretta Veney has helped her mother with LEGO Serious Play and is expanding its use for other patients with dementia.

    Here is the full link to the original news

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  • Vasilis Gkogkidis (University of Sussex) and Nicholas Dacre (University of Southampton; University of Warwick) wrote a research paper about Lego Serious Play and gamification teaching and learning in the most

  • Pau Sendra-Ponsa, Norat Roig-Tiernob and Alicia Mas-Turc from University of Valencia wrote this short research paper on this subject above. The abstract of the paper (pdf) may be downloaded using the link

  • Hello Darcy ! VC will be focused on their ROI and results they learned after 1.5 hour. Depending on what it is they expect you achieve in such little time, price accordingly to what they will take out of the meeting. It’s the impact you are putting a value on, not just 1.5hr. Also, (for your calculation) do assess how much it pays per individual.

  • Jorge Huertas has recently recorded and shared this short video about the use of LEGO Serious Play methodology in design thinking process. Audio is a slightly difficult to follow because English language does not

  • Angela Koch and Darwin Antipolo have delivered a lovely webinar on LEGO Serious Play and co-creation. See the full recording here:

  • Many thanks to Mireia Montané-Balagué, Professor at the EADA Business School in Barcelona who translated the book Serious Work to Spanish language. Serious Work book is now available in three languages via A

  • Presentation at the LSP Connect event on 23 June 2020 on the future scenario building

    Either download the slides directly here (PDF, 5MB). Or view them via Slideshare.net:

  • If you wish to ask any questions about LEGO Serious Play methodology then the fastest ways are to either register here at the SeriousPlayPro.com/register and post your question in the discussion forum or enter

  • Mary Poffenroth wrote this article at Forbes today suggesting LEGO Serious Play for virtual meetings

    Sure, in-person offices are mostly on hold right now, but that doesn’t mean we all get to take a break on b

  • I have delivered a session across three campus – a remote individual, a local class, and a remote class. We pre-mailed out the LSP kits to the individuals (starter kits in this case, so I got them back at the end), but you could, if budget, lead time and mail service permit, send out window exploration sets as non-returnables.

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  • @Francine
    I should put up a picture of my office. The entire back wall is boxes of lego boxes. I’ve been using the Adafruit (Large Tin With Clear Top Window) as my cases for individual window kits, and found they stack really well into a travel luggage organiser in blocks of 32 – instant 8 teams of 4 options. I also have the sorter sheet over on…[Read more]

  • Thank you Stephen,
    I guess having enough bricks is always the big question when planning activities.
    I cannot forsee myself carrying 100 seperate Starter kit at an event, even with support of a helper, with the storage planning it all becomes very complicated. I will have to think of some condition to interest the client to invest and keep the…[Read more]

  • I always start with one kit per person. I run a couple of preset routines in my workshop where everyone having the same pieces is super useful for the experience. For example, a 15 brick exercise, with 5 compulsory bricks, (Set A or Set B), and free choice after that – everyone has a similar starting point for their builds, and a wildly…[Read more]

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