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    Darcy Roberts

    Anyone have any suggestions for pricing a 1.5 hour virtual facilitation for a VC? There will be a significant number of participants…thanks!


    Hi Darcy, Several variables: Bricks, will they be expected to have or get… I’d ask them for their budget. VC’s in my experience have an expectation for excellence so I’d recommend having all your ducks in a row and price accordingly.

    Francine Masson

    Hello Darcy ! VC will be focused on their ROI and results they learned after 1.5 hour. Depending on what it is they expect you achieve in such little time, price accordingly to what they will take out of the meeting. It’s the impact you are putting a value on, not just 1.5hr. Also, (for your calculation) do assess how much it pays per individual.

    Dr. Claude Diderich

    Hi Dary. I agree with Francine’s comment – charge for ROI / value, rather than time. I am charging CHF 120,- (+ taxes, if applicable) for a one-to-two hour generic online introduction to LEGO Serious Play via Zoom per participant (typically doing sessions with 5 participants). Participants have to buy each a Starter Kit (about CHF 40,-).

    Darcy Roberts

    Thanks Michaela – you’re right about the quality piece with the VCs!

    Darcy Roberts

    Thanks Dr. Diderich. ROI is huge. Pricing is definitely an art and not a science. I do much of my work with NFP and so pricing is a completely different kettle of fish!

    Darcy Roberts

    Thanks Francine…definitely pricing with VCs is very different to working with my little NFPs. And ROI is the thing to emphasize…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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