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    Yla Eason

    Hi All,

    As we are going through this social distancing, I have been asked if I can conduct an LSP session online to teams located domestically and internationally. Has anyone ever done a WebEx or live session where you were delivering the lesson online to remote teams? If so, what software did you use to ‘see” the participants and what were the challenges? If not, have you been asked to do the same or devised a way to facilitate remotely? Any and all suggestions would be helpful.




    Hi Yla,
    I was asked the same question for a remote customer seminar , even though one tends to think that It cannot be done , I believe it CAN be done, obviously there are some limitations to the live session.

    In terms of software, any webinar or virtual meetings software will do. I have mostly used webex, but outside the corporate world, in academics people tend to use teems, zoom or even skype. Just make sure you have enough spaces for the attendees *limits in the number of attendees.
    The next thing would be the parts. What we did was that we asked the participants if they had a basic lego set from their kids. Some of them did, some of them didn’t. What we did, was send them through internal email some basic sets before the event. Take into account that we did that when things were not as limited and restricted as they are now, but there are always options. One has to be creative.
    Per Kristiansen one of the Master Trainers has also delivered virtual sessions with facilitators. I believe the session is called CAFE something. He asks questions and every person builds their model and then they all share and discuss. Again as those are facilitators they will have lego sets available.
    I dont recommmend using other types of bricks. I have seen instances where people use different bricks and I really think you lose on the flexibility and variety of the parts.
    One of the main things here as with the live events, is time. The recommendation would be to do a pilot or test, with 2 or 3 remote members and going through key parts of the workshop to test if the time given for building, sharing and reflection is enough. If you want to discuss further, please email me at
    Best luck and please share your experience. We will probably will need to explore more this way of working after recent world events.

    Regards and good luck

    Stephen Dann

    I have delivered a session across three campus – a remote individual, a local class, and a remote class. We pre-mailed out the LSP kits to the individuals (starter kits in this case, so I got them back at the end), but you could, if budget, lead time and mail service permit, send out window exploration sets as non-returnables.

    To add to the previous post – we found a useful way to share the model was either to zoom in (this was a teleconference enabled set up), or bring the model in close to focus in the camera. It really took the emphasis off the speaker and back into the model, as all you could see was the Lego, with the voice-over.

    Given I use print supplements (single page instruction manuals for metaphor models, and key builds) I could use a PDF as a substitute, and just do the old speaking book trick of “When the facilitator rings the bell, turn the page”.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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