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    Matevz Malej

    I’m invited to the conference of Marketing and Education where I’ll have a breif session (45 minutes) of LSP for about 100 managers. The aim of presentation is to get them interested for sell them a session with LSP in their companies. Any ideas of the presentation are welcome. I’ll have 100 Windows Exploration bags with me.

    Rodrigo Borgia

    Hi Matevz,

    Great opportunity you have!

    If i were in your shoes, i would take the advantage of getting people to understand the power of a metaphor and the 3d perspective, all at once.

    So, as an introduction exercises (similar as in a warm up), i would have them create a version of themselves with the mini-figure and a maximum of 5 additional pieces – and them ask each participant to introduce a characteristic of itself to the person to the left.

    Then, i would ask them to create a simple figure like the duck with 5 pieces, and explain the power of expression and metaphors of pieces, by asking if them can explain a personal attribute through the duck them have constructed.

    All supported with just 1 or 2 slides that shows the overall process, and some pictures of your bests exercises made in the past.

    I hope this ideas helps you get a great presentation on LSP!

    Have fun,


    Guy Winterbotham

    5 minute intro.
    A group of us did something similar. We followed a quick version of normal skill building:
    Tower: Intro yourself and say one thing about your tower in 30 secs. Reflection is everybody in the room hold up towers and see how with identical instructions the outcomes are different.
    Moose: Build Mike Bowler’s Moose. We have instructions at each table as well as on the projector. Use this to reflect on metaphor.
    In our case, we then asked they modify the moose to be a challenge they face at work. 30 sec per person sharing.
    Next we break the moose down and ask they build what the would need for a more supportive environment at work followed by 1 minute per person.
    Last we ask the take 1 minute to select a portion of their model and add to a small baseplate. We ask they not mix up the blocks. They have 10 minutes to build a shared story.
    5 minute wrap up.

    Matevz Malej

    Hi, thanks for your advices. I have just one more question for Guy:
    What is Mike Bowler’s Moose? We didn’t use it during our training sessions. Can it be made by bricks from Teaser bags? Would you be so kind to share the instructions?
    Is there any model with building instrucions that can be build from Teaser bags (for the Metaphors challenge)?
    Thanks again, we have our session on Thursday :).

    Matevz Malej

    Hi Guy, ignore my question. I have found the Moose on-line.
    Thanks again for the ideas!

    Guy Winterbotham

    Matevz, your welcome.

    For other folks who might read this post the link is http://www.gargoylesoftware.com/lsp/facilitators and also contains a link to a PDF you can print to resort the Explorer kits.

    I have found recently that folks who aren’t familiar with what a moose is nor LEGO have a time putting it together. You substitute to the Windows Explorer abstract animals PDF that comes with the LSP Facilitator training.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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