• Hi Guy, ignore my question. I have found the Moose on-line.
    Thanks again for the ideas!

  • Hi, thanks for your advices. I have just one more question for Guy:
    What is Mike Bowler’s Moose? We didn’t use it during our training sessions. Can it be made by bricks from Teaser bags? Would you be so kind to share the instructions?
    Is there any model with building instrucions that can be build from Teaser bags (for the Metaphors c…[Read more]

  • Hi!
    I’m invited to the conference of Marketing and Education where I’ll have a breif session (45 minutes) of LSP for about 100 managers. The aim of presentation is to get them interested for sell them a session with LSP in their companies. Any ideas of the presentation are welcome. I’ll have 100 Windows Exploration bags with me.