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    I would thank any suggestions about exercises of LSP for 25 persons about TeamBulding or Teamworking All members of the group come for different companies and industries

    Rodrigo Borgia

    Hi Jaime,

    How much time in total do you have?

    Have you thought that the warm-up in sort way can be considered as the beginning of a team building exercise? :)

    Have fun,



    I have eight hours for this workshop
    Warm up is considered for the first hour
    Thanks for your suggestions

    Rodrigo Borgia

    one additional tip: you can create a shared vision of the team in a short future (2 to 4 years).


    Please allow me to suggest two alternatives, both complete team building games with powerpoint intro and play and debriefing packaged up into a bundle and one that uses LEGO scenes as communications tools. And, these are designed to be easily integrated with other content, using LEGO and LSP or not. Both are anchored in metaphor and both focus on issues of collaboration (versus competition), communications, strategic planning and leadership.

    The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine” is in its 25th year of distribution and designed for a half day of play and debriefing. Any search for information will turn up dozens of my blog articles and testimonials and other information. An older slideshare overview appears here:

    A new update to The Collaboration Journey Challenge is also explained on slideshare. It is wrapped around my metaphor of Square Wheels, the things that work but do not work smoothly. We use a variety of LEGO scenes to help tell the story and you can easily put it into an LSP framework. It is designed for play and replay, with debriefing, in 90 minutes. You can see an overview of play here:

    Apologies for bluntly selling within our group but I sincerely think that these two exercises, both effective, polished and impactful, would meet the need of Jaime and possibly be of interest to other group members.

    AND, if anyone in our network wants to work with me to expand either of these into a full-day LSP-anchored training program, let’s chat. My goal is to have EVERY business use LEGO and an experiential training framework to powerfully impact communications and teamwork within their organizations. We need to implement BIG changes in how things work within nearly every organization!

    Help me help others to help many. All of us know so much more than ANY of us and we should be heavily involved and engaged in a collaborative effort to leave some footprints on the world around us.

    Veronika Jakl

    Hi Jaime,

    I would start at the beginning: What is the exact goal of the day? Why should these people of different companies build a team? Do they have a goal in the future together or is it just about the fun?

    All the best,

    Alan McShane

    Given they are from different companies…

    Definition of the “Ideal Team Member” and then turn the stories into stories about specific behaviours. They can then reflect on how the measure / select / train talent like this …. depending on the profile of the attendees. Indeed they can reflect on whether they are personally the ideal or not

    Second part individual and then shared model on the ideal collaborative environment / perfect team followed by reflection on what they are or are not doing to create teams like this in their organisations.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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