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    Has anyone tried to use the tools to create a storyline that the workshop participants could capture with one of the smartphone apps to create a stop-motion video to use during the training?

    It seems like a pretty straightforward kind of thing to do, and I wonder if people have tried it. If so, any tips or ideas or cautions?

    Marko Rillo

    Scott – I havent asked the participants to do stop-motion videos, but I have done these myself using camera’s stop motion function. Gopro is the easiest option. See one here:


    I got StopMotion for my iPhone and there are others in the App store.

    In a conversation Thursday with a high-tech colleague in Mumbai, he popped me two other alternatives (one not apparently available in the US). So there ARE a variety of apps out there that require no additional hardware. And my son-in-law has one on his Android and it was said that LEGO actually had one (I could not find it (yet)).

    MyKidsTime actually had an article about 4 of them: — but then I will probably have to go out and find some kid to teach me how to use it!

    My thought around all this is that a tabletop could present their storyline using a phone to port to a USB projector and that would also then capture the storyline and narration. If we are using it in a corporate setting and this is but one of many sessions, we develop a library.

    The outcome depends, of course, on the course design and desired outcomes of the storyline. If these debriefings are very personal, sharing them is a pretty awful idea. But if the team is focused on generating some corporate process improvement or similar, having a set of these to show to senior management about what is wrong and what people want to do to fix things would be an extraordinarily powerful tool.

    Hell, teach the CEO how to facilitate sessions. Maybe then, something might change. When 35% of worker say they would forgo a raise to have their boss fired (Workplace Magazine, March 2017), we KNOW that there are some issues we should be attending to in our works to implement involvement and engagement and change.

    Having the possibility of doing stop-motion as a tool in our toolkits would be neat, and it can’t be me alone who is trying to invent this wheel. Anyone in here got a kid who could teach us how to do this? (grin)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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