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    Jim Hwang

    Is there any guide or example for facilitating Strategic Thinking or Strategic Planning in corporate ?

    Marko Rillo


    Welcome to Serious Play Pro community. Can you please elaborate a little bit further – what is your context where you would like to use LSP? What is the type of company? What level of management? What is their earlier practice in strategy work? It might be easier for us to think along if we knew a bit more. :-)

    Nevertheless – if you would like to use Lego Serious Play for strategy work in corporate setting then there are indeed applications available for that, but on this website there is no single comprehensive source for you to review. The best option would be of course if you could participate in one of the facilitator training events – see the upcoming events posts. I would also suggest you to go through some LSP case studies and read the book of Johan Roos (2006) Thinking from Within: A Hands-on Strategy Practice. Its Amazon page is here:

    Hope it helps and perhaps others could add their thoughts, too.


    Pete Smith

    I would like to add that I see the role of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in business strategy formulation as adding necessary understanding to traditional approaches. So, we’re not dismissing Michael Porter and his merry men. We are contributing valuable wisdom and commitment to the process. For too long strategic planning has been a sterile approach. Let’s bring back the people who have to implement the plans.

    Per Kristiansen

    Hi Jim

    Adding my voice to the great posts by Pete and Marko: If you are to dive into some of Johans writing then see if you can find “The next common sense”, he wrote it together with Michael Lissack, or possible some of the white papers written at Imagination Lab.

    Jim Hwang

    Thank for all your greeting to me, as freshman in this community. I have used puzzle for years when I conduct training program about Team Building and Project Management in corporate. I am interested Serious Play could be helpful for facilitating Strategic Planning, since I usually facilitate executives or managers in corporate to have strategic thinking about mission, vision, and strategy.
    Pete, I absolutely agree with you that crucial execution is more important than strategy. However managers always have blind eyes and conflict when they try to have consensus on direction. I think game storming is helpful to inspire managers in different approach.
    When I look at Lego’s web, it says there is no certificate needed any more and it suggests to read open sources for designing program in diverse application. That’s why I am looking for any experience share in this community.
    Per, I just saw your information from Wolfie Yu. Is your certificate program authorized by Lego or any difference ?

    Per Kristiansen

    hi Jim
    LEGO does not as such authorize any programs, they have looked into how they could, but have not yet found the right approach. The program that I offer is the one endorsed and developed by the Association of Master Trainers (of which I am founding member).

    I used to be one one the two master trainers at LEGO (Robert Rasmussen being the other), we have both since left LEGO and now have our own practises.

    Would be great if you could join us in February

    Juno Park

    In February?
    Per, you mean the Feb-2014/Seoul T3 training? Then…

    mind if I ask where you are? When you’re in Korea, you can ask me more detailed information if you want.

    I’m now living in Seoul, South Korea. And doing as a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator as well.


    Jim Hwang

    Per, I am in Taiwan now. I am afraid I can’t join your workshop in Korea. I heard from Peisan you are very expert in LSP. Is there any resource(book or article) you may suggest me to read about designing workshop by LSP?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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