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    Marko Rillo


    Just to confirm what the others have already said. I have used Lego Serious Play for nearly a decade now – in average 20-40 LSP sessions a year, but i have never gone to the client selling LSP. In most cases I even do not write LSP into my proposals. Clients find out about the bricks only at the last minute.

    Usually the client describes me their problem and what do they want to achieve. Mostly either:
    1) my people lack knowledge or skills – please train them;
    2) we have this problem, can you please help us solve it?

    If LSP sounds reasonable (a compact team, complex and abstract issue, fun factor needed) then the client will find out that there are some bricks on the tables only when they enter the room. The bricks are just there in the same way like pens, papers and PowerPoint. Nothing special – just additional set of tools.

    During those sessions I weave the LSP techniques naturally to the discussions or training agenda as needed. They are not dominating the event.

    I seldom use the classic Robert’s and Per’s Application Techniques from A … Z. This only happens when a client comes to me and specifically asks – please do LSP. However, there have been occasions when a client has asked for LSP, but I have talked them out of that because in my view it was inappropriate for their context.

    So – as others have already suggested. Try to first see into client’s context and provided that it is suitable then table your bricks and see if they can help your client.

    Luc, thanks for such an interesting question that has generated so many valuable replies.

    Luc Cipers

    Hi everyone,
    Thanks you so much for your valuable input!
    I’ve facilitated my first 1-day LSP workshop yesterday for the commercial team of an Embassy in Brussels. The goal was to streghten the team, help ‘m to deal with changes and ‘rejuvenate’. I took almost 90′ for intro & skills building, used the Team Life scenario as a base and ended with a START/STOP doing brainstorm. The workshop was a great success!

    Next one is sheduled April, 9th and I’m really looking forward to it.

    All the best,

    P.S. I had a big group (15p), but had several techniques to manage that and it worked like charm.

Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)
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