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    Pete Smith

    I’m recently trained by Denise Meyerson and want to run a workshop for a client on (organizational) change management. Two clients are merging and I’d like to play a role in the settling down process. Anybody out there have relevant template roadmaps? Thanks Pete Smith

    Eli De Friend

    Hi Pete,
    Programme Design or Roadmap Development is a field that we, in CAPRESE, are quite strong in. Of course our expertise comes at a price. Please feel free to contact us, if you have budget for this component of your engagement. If you are looking for help for free, there may well be other members of this community who can share their existing roadmaps, because they feel that their value-add is elsewhere than in the development of the roadmap.
    One way or another, I hope you find the solution you need within this community.
    Warm regards from Switzerland,

    Per Kristiansen

    Hi Pete,
    Like our friends in Caprese, we (Trivium) have also developed extensive experience in developing roadmaps in general, and in working with change management in particular. Are you looking at being involved in a longer process with a series of interventions or is it more the case of one impactfull workshop? (and what would be the number of participants etc)

    Pete Smith

    Pete here.
    All I’m looking for is friendly support.
    I want to run a half day session for this client to introduce LSP to them and am hoping to make it relevant to them.

    Eli De Friend

    Hi Pete, I’m not sure what my friends in Trivium think about this, but my gut feeling is that half a day is short if you want to give a good impression and actually achieve something. Our experience is that this is the minimum time needed to achieve something concrete and of value, and that is with highly experienced facilitators. Please remember that an experienced facilitator needs a minimum of one hour to cover the building skills, leaving roughly 3 hours to explore individual views and then build a collective view. You will need to schedule at least one break half way through, which will also eat up some time. Do you also intend to do landscaping and connections? This can be very time consuming, if you want it to be “relevant”.
    Per, what is your view on this?

    Per Kristiansen

    Agree that a half day session may be a bit short, but if what you/Pete are/is looking for is establishing LSP as the method to apply in the change process, then it could work. Ie focus is on introducing LSP as part of the solution, rather than developing the solution per se. One could then go for skills building and then working on some sort of topic related to the change, eg. being a change agent or the key challenge related to the change process, and perhaps do a landscaping exercise

    Pete Smith

    Thanks for coming back to me Eli and Per. I also emailed Denise directly. Her suggestion was:
    For a merger, some suggested questions:
    1. Skills building – tower, lean the tower, build a strength you bring to the new team/division, either explain this or the promotion.
    2. Build an aspect of this newly formed team/division – what do you want it to look like? What is your vision for the merged team or division?
    Landscape of the individual models
    Question the models and what has been left out and what could be there and is not. Is everyone happy with this combined vision? What changes are needed to achieve this – move in to action planning.

    Why I joined up on SeriousPlayPro is to be able to share ideas and to have access to ideas. Being situated in darkest, deepest Africa I feel a sense of isolation, hopefully not a chip on the shoulder. I would like to quickly get to the stage of being a fully, fledged and contributing member of the international LSP facilitator family. Unfortunately, to get there, I’ll be taking more than I contribute. I promise I’ll come to the party when it’s payback time.
    I’d love one day for you guys and me to facilitate together. Africa is FUN.

    Per Kristiansen

    Denise’s suggestion looks good as well. My input at this stage would be to consider

    1) How far do you want to take your client in this opening session (ie the balance between developing the solution and introducing LSP as the way to the solution)

    2) What “level” do you want to work on: a) Individuals/persons, eg learning about “my self” in this situation; b) Issue, eg what is the challenge we are facing c) the organisation, eg what are we trying to create.

    With that in mind, you can design a robust workshop for your client. I would suggest that you set aside ca 1 hour for exploring how they could work with LSP in the change process, how you could help them and when you should meet next. As I have heard you this meeting is an element in selling yourself (and LSP) to the organisation. Be open and upfront about that

    Eli De Friend

    I would imagine Denise’s suggestions already sound like more than half a day! Have you considered referring to the Kübler-Ross model or John Fisher’s process of personal change (or any of the many others)? Is your întended audience the change managers/agents or the employees of the two firms?
    One question you could ask is why did the two firms merge? What was wrong in the past?
    Then move to questions about the future.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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