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    Hi all. I´m Juan from Colombia. I´m wondering if are here any architects, planners of urban designers that use LSP in their design processes, I´m quite curious about starting to use this method but I want to hear from you first! Thanks!
    Contact me @herrerajuans on twitter or here!

    Patrizia Bertini

    Hi Juan,

    I worked in the past with architects – both students and practitioners.
    With one of them, we wrote an e-book on using LSP in co-housing – it’s free here sadly it’s in Italian, but maybe with Google translate you can read it easily.
    If you have problems, please, let me know!

    What were you planning to do with LSP in architecture?


    Patrizia Bertini

    And few more writings here:
    Urban design, 2013: On the LSP experience with students in architecture

    In 2013 together with the University of Ferrara, Italy, we organised a conference called “LSP and architecture’ which combined LSP and architecture – slides here
    The full programme here:

    And the description of the project is available here

    Hope this helps!




    Have you ever used the Architecture (21050) set for LSP? I have the idea to extend it with some bricks from Identity kit, and somehow specify it for architectural needs…

    Marko Rillo

    @Balint – I understand you have in mind the LEGO Architecture Studio 21050 Playset: ? Given that it consists of 1210 mostly generic bricks, plates and windows then looks like really an interesting idea how to combine it with Landscape and Identity kit to start constructing interesting landscapes. Certainly worth try and tinkering! :)


    Not sure WHY you want to use a different set. The KEY of LSP is the metaphor not a 1:1 model.. I think the standard LSP kit is powerful enough to fulfill your needs.



    @Marko – Yes, that’s the set. Book is quite interesting and have some nice ideas as well.

    – according to my experiences for urban planning, building modelling (ideation) you might need more exact structures, less metaphors. The 21050 AS offers a more specific brickset, but it’s not about 1:1 models, not like other architecture sets. Sadly it’s lack of minfigs, huge disadvantage that there are no plants, connection materials…etc, which sometimes needed especially in urban planning.

    What I was thinking is to bring the LSP part, the metaphors into this more realistic brickset/ process. Kind of a mixture, which would be more suitable for architectures, urban developers…etc.

    I have no idea if it will work, but all my architect friends are crazy about the 21050, which gave me the idea to try to develop further my “”theory”” :)

    Manuel Grassler

    What I did was using the Architecture Set for Service Desing.

    Actually I build the environment for e.g. a service desk or a Point of Sale using the monochromatic bricks of the Architecture Studio Set. Then I put in the minifigures and certain intraction points in colored bricks.

    With this set up it is easy to point to human/ customer centredness of the service.

    Unfortunately I have no pic available right now.

    It isn’t LSP but the visualization helps in facilitating certain discussions on the people and interactions taking place!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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