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    Marko Rillo

    Next week I will have to deliver a full-day conference for 100+ participants. With the Landscape Kit still “on hold” I had to come to a different solution how to deliver the programme. I simply visited our local LEGO reseller and created the kits myself. In the end it was not too difficult. You may go to Brickset website and check what elements does it consist of (some of them are missing, though): Thereafter it was possible to pull the components from a few different Lego Education sets, a couple of Lego Duplo sets, some elements from Lego Wheels and separate Minifigures sets.

    There are some, which don’t seem to be easily available in other sets, though – e.g. connecting cables, flexible pins, spiderwebs, fences. And some of them were out of stock – e.g. sets with ratchets, gates, skeletons. So I ended up missing all of those.

    The solution was slightly more expensive and some bits were missing. But all in all I feel that the DIY set seems to be adequate for the entire day of playing as an alternative to the original Landscape Kit. After the conference I will take some time and post you more detailed info on:
    – what kits I decided to use and
    – what I missed from the original set during the day.

    Has anybody else done the same?


    Hello Mark.

    Yes. I’ve been able to use a similiar strategy. I am privileged to live in Massachusetts where we have 4 LEGO Stores in my region. I’ve selected exact or similiar kit items from the pick-a-brick wall. I’ve been able to secure fences, axels, tires,wheels,. These pieces have been great alternatives for making connections. Pipe cleaners of assorted colors and paperclips of assorted colors and sizes have been very effective to convey different textures of connection, flow and tension. They fasten to each other and specific LEGO joint pieces that I found at the store. I’ll post pics of these products in action. Just did a session for 46 people last weekend using applications 1,2 and 3.

    fred meller

    I have a similar problem. Can you tell me what the specific combinations were to make a DIY Landcape kit?

    simon robertshaw

    Hey I have been collecting elements over the last couple of weeks. Its not easy as some of the elements are technics.
    The original hose elements (connectors) are dificult to come by and not that cheap. also you will find soft axles, animals etc. Takes some time to go through, but i found it was worth it.
    delivery was effiecient and fast.

    Jody Lentz

    According to Per’s January posts, the Landscape Kit is now available – building your own seems like a LOT of extra work…

    simon robertshaw

    It is alot of extra work. As of today they are not available. I have a workshop to deliver next week so it was rather urgent. I dont think it would any harm for someone to list the elements for future reference

    fred meller

    UK unfortunately. Yes please send me any ideas you have:

    Anyone had any success elsewhere? Getting US kits shipped to uk for instance?

    Danel Alberdi

    Hi I sold one landscape kit in US last week. It’s not easy becouse you need a private adress in USA they don’t send it to europe. And it’s expensive to send it to Europe (500 euro more less whit all the payments). But the box arrived to spain in a week.
    For connections I used diferents materials.

    fred meller

    Thanks Danel. Its Friday night and we are wondering where we can get Lego from….

    Alan McShane

    FYI Just off the phone with Lego and the latest expected date for the The Identity and Landscape Kit in Europe is now July! Now need to combine Marko’s and Robert’s ideas to come up with a Plan B

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 17 total)
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