It’s come about so quickly. 

Just a few short weeks ago, Michael, Ben and I were talking about #legoseriousplay and we came up with the crazy idea of putting on a free, virtual event that would bring #LSP facilitators and those interested in it together for a few hours, share ideas, learn from each other, and simply be generous to each other. 

Well, that time is almost here, and I’m delighted to say you can now sign-up for the conversations you want to take part in. Please do take a moment to watch the videos, and then based on that select which conversations are of interest to you. 

You can attend a maximum of three conversations in the time, but if there’s only one ‘conversation host’ that you really want to speak with, then just sign up for that one. 

We’ve got a great line-up of speakers covering a wide range of topics:

  • Emanuele Ciccarelli will be sharing his thoughts about the hero’s journey.
  • Werner Puchert will be talking about LSP and Design.
  • Holly Henderson on how she’s using LSP in lots of different ways in education.
  • Sean Blair will be sharing his insights on how to do a shared build online, and
  • Joel Birch on complex systems in education. 

I’m also delighted to say, that you’ll also get the opportunity to hear from Marko Rillo and David Gauntlett, who will share their insights on creativity, open source and, of course, #legoseriousplay

Please remember to send your email once you’ve selected the conversations you want to attend (it’ll make sense once you’ve read the instructions), and here’s the link to sign-up:

Ben, Michael and I look forward to seeing you next week! And remember, keep being generous…


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