• Thanks Rodrigo and Stephen

    That’s really helpful. It’s definitely going to be a shorter rather than longer session. I have a horrible feeling that it’s going to be more Skype than Halo. Thanks for the ‘watch-outs’ too.

    I’ll report back if it goes ahead.

    Thanks again and best wishes


  • Hi all

    I think this may be a bizarre question. A potential client has asked whether it is possible to run an effective LSP session via conference call. He has people in three different country locations, can’t afford to fly them in to a single venue, but wants to run a team alignment activity!

    Has anyone had any experience of trying this? He’s…[Read more]

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    There was a really interesting piece in the Economist this week (‘The Collaboration Curse; The fashion for making employees collaborate has g

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    True story: a digital exec was talking to an HR exec about development needs. It took a couple of minutes before they realised that one was talking about coding