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Innovation and creativity are the result of doing things a little differently

Lego Serious Play (LSP) is a methodology that uses Lego bricks as metaphorical models that represent brands, businesses or products. It is designed to hands-on boost innovative thinking and professional performance. Through facilitated Lego Serious Play workshops, every participant gains a deeper understanding and commitment by listening to all people involved.

With increasing complexity of the business environment, researchers and practitioners at the Lego Company sought for more effective methods for businesses to meet the everlasting challenge of doing things better. Its fundamentals lie in studies about organizational development, tutoring and psychology.

Over several years Lego Serious Play has been redefined by the Lego Group as a way for enhancing innovative thinking, communication and collaboration in boardrooms, offices and the shop floor among teams and individuals. The concept has been used by LEGO itself to reinvent its business model and to define a new strategy. Today, the Lego Company is the most successful toy manufacturer in the world.

When observing a facilitated Lego Serious Play workshop, you will soon realize that it is highly efficient: For the business’ benefit, it gets more out of the people in shorter time. However, a Lego Serious Play workshops still respects the opinion of every individual by involving everyone equally. Every member of a LSP workshop participates equally in the discussion, the storytelling and therefore contributes to a deeper understanding. By doing so, it builds up everyone’s commitment and confidence about the upcoming tasks.

» Lego Serious Play…

…is a perfect illustration of a cooperative approach that supports teams and individuals to solve their challenges from a different and creative viewpoint

Our Certified Lego Serious Play Facilitators believe that innovation and inspiration are the result of facilitating workshops and trainings way differently. We believe that cooperation, communication, and collaboration are essential components of sustainable business models. That is why we find that facilitated Lego Serious Play workshops can help you to look at problems from a new perspective, often leading to creative and innovative ideas, as well as out-of-the-box thinking. With this in mind, we use Lego Serious Play in our university certified and ECTS credited Leadership and Development trainings as well in our tailor-made Coaching and Training sessions.

Increasing complexity and tough challenges require businesses to “Play Seriously”

Leading organisations encourage their employees to participate in the process of brand building and business development. They also nurture their talents, innovation and creativity. As vital part of this, leaders have to step up to the next level. And Lego Serious Play is a powerful instrument to encourage these types of behaviours. It uses play to empower leaders, executives, managers, teams, and employees in a more effective communication. Lego Serious Play sparks their creativity and imagination and enables them to develop a new confidence towards their work. It can lead to new ideas and approaches, improved communication, and better problem solving for individuals and teams.


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